Declutter Your Home to Make That Sale

living-roomThe best way to make a good impression to potential buyers is to clear clutter from your home. Your home may offer many of the amenities that a buyer is looking for, but rooms filled with an abundance of items can be visually distracting. If you want buyers to notice the intricate details of your home such as the moldings around the ceiling, hardwood floors, wall colors, and other hardware that is distinctive in design, here are a few recommendations that can help you attract and retain buyers.

Downsize Furnishings

home-interiorIn an effort to make picturesque rooms, consider removing furniture or items that can make a room look crowded. For example, offers reviews about cordless water flossers that can be stowed away in bathroom devices. You should also consider arranging your rooms’ settings to consist of one of each furniture type. If you have several rugs in a room, reduce the number of floor coverings to one that can be placed under a table, near a door entrance, or near a bed. This method will bring the rooms to life, increase brightness, and give a clean appearance.

Rent Storage Space

storage-placeIf you’re still living in your home, sort through items and separate each item according to the level of importance. If there are items you don’t use on a regular basis, consider renting space at a local storage facility until you’re ready to move to your new residence. Storage facilities offer affordable rates and a variety of space sizes to accommodate your needs. The convenience of utilizing a storage facility gives you the flexibility to access your property at anytime. Some companies offer special first month rental rates starting at $1.00.

Make Use of Unused Space

basementIf you have extra space in a basement or attic, place items in those areas that would normally take up space on a counter or table. This can broaden the perception of the main areas of your home. When one to two items are situated on a table, counter, or shelf, it adds appeal but doesn’t give the illusion of an overcrowded display.

Shred and Discard

shredIf you have a lot of documents and magazines, sort through piles to retain important documents and shred junk mail or other paper that can easily clutter a room. When you take time to declutter paper, you will have more clarity about what business matters you need to take care of immediately or within a specified timeframe. If you have a large amount of paper but don’t have time for shredding, you can outsource this duty to a shredding company. Contact a local shredding company to inquire about mobile shredding services, drop off services, and mail in services..

Sell and Donate

If you have time, hold a garage sale. This will provide an opportunity to increase revenue for moving expenses and help clear your home out. If you don’t sell the majority of your items on one weekend, continue your sale over several weekends until you’ve sold a significant amount of items and donate the rest to charity or the local Salvation Army Thrift Store. The more items you get rid of, you’ll be better prepared to make your exit without feeling overwhelmed when it comes to unpacking items in your new home.

Hire a Decluttering Expert

If you begin this process and still encounter difficulty finishing the task, contact a home organization company for advice on how you can achieve this goal. If you live in Maryland, DC, Virginia. Florida, Arizona, or Washington State, Clutter Busters offers free initial consultation, hands-on organizing, follow-up sessions, jump start, and supply shopping services. Whether you hire a team to complete the job or implement the advice you acquire from a consultation, this type of service can help you speed up the decluttering process. If you can afford to pay for professional home organization services, a step-by-step declutter tutorial is available on

Secure the Sale

You may have received a home appraisal which revealed an attractive amount, but clutter can decrease the number of prospective buyers you could attract. If you want to obtain the highest amount you can when you secure a purchasing agreement, take time to declutter. It may require hard work in the beginning, but it is worth the effort.